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Metal Handle Retro-Fit Kit for Coilhose Cannon High Force Blow Gun

Coilhose Pneumatics introduces an extended trigger system for its popular high force blow gun, the Coilhose Cannon.

This metal handle retro-fit kit enables the user to more easily operate the gun while wearing protective gloves in the workplace environment.

This attachable assembly is a long lever style mechanism by which the user can activate the power-assisted button-style trigger of the gun.

Each kit contains a trigger assembly, pin, o-rings (2), bushing, hex screws (2), 1/8 Allen wrench, and a easy-to-follow set of instructions with a line art diagram.

No additional tools are needed for installation! The only tool required for assembling this handle kit to the existing gun body is the Allen wrench already included with the kit.

The Coilhose Cannon may be used to remove heavy or stubborn debris in industrial or outdoor environments involving textiles, paper/ pulp, scrap metal, wood, concrete, asphalt, sewer, etc. or also in mining, shipyards, rail yards, heavy construction, and other areas that require extreme blow-off applications.

Coilhose Pneumatics
19 Kimberly Road
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
P: 732.390.8480
F: 732.390.9693

Ark-Plas Products, Inc. manufactures a complete line of flexible tubing for pneumatic and fluid applications.

Ark-Plas tubing is available in virtually every increment from 1/166 ID to 1/22 ID. Coiled tubing, with working lengths from 5 feet to 20 feet, is fabricated from Polyurethane, in all standard colors.

Metric sized tubing is also available from 1.5 MM ID to 6.5 MM ID.

Ark-Plas tubing is available in Polyurethane, Vinyl, VyplasTM, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, EthelplasTM, and Nylon materials. Tubing is also available in these color choices: Natural-Clear, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White, and Transparent Blue, Transparent Red, Transparent Green, and Transparent Yellow.

Free samples and a catalog will be sent to all making an inquiry.

Contact: Ark-Plas Products, Inc.
165 Industry Lane
Flippin, Arkansas 72634

Telephone: 870-453-2343

Fax: 870-453-2567


Email: info@ark-plas.com

Fabco-Air Inc. is pleased to announce a new FVEN NAMUR Solenoid Valve product line

Series FVEN features NAMUR mounting, capable of attaching directly to the actuator without additional manifolding. Available in single or double solenoid models, with a 100% (continuous) duty cycle, Series FVEN is a perfect fit for your application.

Additional features:
-High flow design ideal for operating 20 ~ 80 bore cylinders.
-Low 30 psi minimum operating pressures deliver high internal shifting force to deliver consistently reliable operation.
-Housings are precision machined and hard anodized for low friction.
-Low friction seals have high abrasion resistance to provide longer service life.
-Can be used with or without lubrication.
-Special coils have low power consumption and use DIN 43650 electrical connectors for wiring.

Bulletin FVEN-10 can be downloaded at:

The bulletin is also available on our literature request form, as well as our main catalog download page.
Please contact Fabco-Air, Inc. customer service with any questions.

Still don't see what you want? No problem. Fabco-Air has a fully equipped machine shop and staff of engineers ready to help you build the special solution you need, so you can build the business you want.

Submit a Request for Quote today!

Contact Information
phone: (352) 373-3578
fax: (352) 375-8024
email: service@fabco-air.com

New roller screw option on Tolomatics integrated servomotor actuator makes it the longest lasting integrated electric actuator

New roller-screw option available on IMA rod-style linear actuators provides significantly higher service life at forces up to 3,300 pounds.

HAMEL, Minn. Tolomaticcs integrated-motor rod-style actuator (IMA) is now capable of delivering up to 3,300 pounds of force when equipped with the new roller-screw option. The Tolomatic IMA incorporates a hollow core rotor and skewed motor windings into its unique servomotor design for an extremely compact package with increased dynamic performance and service life compared to traditional rod-style actuators. The IMAAs unique integrated motor design is well suited for applications such as pressing, clamping, valve control, spot welding and volumetric filling.

With the addition of the roller-screw option, the service life of the IMA increases by about ten times or more in high-force applications,, says Aaron Dietrich, electric product manager, Tolomatic. In fact, in an IMA 44, the estimated life of the roller-screw is about ten million inches of travel at a mean force of 2,000 pounds. The standard ball screw on the IMA offers better efficiency and economy, but the roller screw option offers higher force, better accuracy and longer service life in high-force applications..

The hollow core rotor design allows the nut of the screw to pass inside the rotor to provide a very compact package. This can decrease overall actuator length by as much as 18 inches compared to standard actuators due to the elimination of a separate motor, motor mount and gearbox. In addition, the skewed stator windings minimize the cogging of the motor to provide smoother, more efficient motion and improved force repeatability,, says Dietrich. The compact footprint and efficient operation of the IMA, combined with the flexibility of control from an electric actuator, makes the IMA a powerful and viable alternative for replacing fluid power cylinders, he says.

The Tolomatic IMA with the new roller-screw option can exert a force of up to 3,300 pounds and move a top speed of about 12 inches per second. The IMA is available with a choice of motor voltages in any incremental stroke length from 6 inches to18 inches. Built with Tolomaticcs Endurance Technology features for maximum durability and extended service life, the IMA has a patent-pending lead-screw lubrication system that allows easy re-lubrication without disassembly. Tolomaticcs sizing and selection software makes selecting an IMA easy. All orders are built-to-order and shipped with Tolomaticcs industry leading five-day delivery.

For more than 50 years, Tolomatic has been a leading supplier of electric linear actuators, pneumatic actuators and power transmission products for factory automation. Its extensive product line also includes servo-driven high-thrust actuators, servo and stepper motors, stepper drives and configured linear-motion systems. Tolomaticcs electric linear and pneumatic actuators are used in a variety of industries, including the packaging, material handling, medical, food processing, automotive, semiconductor and general automation industries. For more information about the new roller screw option on Tolomaticcs IMA integrated-motor rod-style actuator, contact Tolomatic, 3800 County Road 116, Hamel, Minn. Phone: 763-478-8000 or 1-800-328-2174. Website: www.tolomatic.com.

AutomationDirect has added a new line of Bryant wiring devices to its product offering.

Cumming, GA --- April 14, 2010 --- AutomationDirect has added a new line of Bryant wiring devices to its product offering. A full line of locking and straight blade plugs, connectors and receptacles are available in 15, 20, and 30 amp models.

Locking plugs and connectors constructed with impact and chemical-resistant nylon housings feature an internal Triple Gripperr cord clamp which automatically centers and secures the cord. Double wall construction provides extra durability; the configuration-specific plug face surrounds plug blades to prevent infiltration of contaminants. Each terminal cover is imprinted with amperage, voltage and NEMA configuration on the face for easy identification and extended teardropp wiring pockets and backed-out captive terminal screws simplify wiring. Locking plugs start at $6.25

Locking receptacles are designed with back and side wiring terminals that accept 14 to 8 gauge solid or stranded conductor wires. Molded of rugged reinforced thermoplastic polyester, the base minimizes heat buildup and resists breakage. Heavy-duty nickel-plated mounting straps are grounded for safe installations. NEMA rating and configurations are molded into the toughened nylon face for easy identification. Receptacle prices start at $4.75.

Straight blade devices are available in 15 to 30 amp sizes. A universal cord grip design accepts .300-inch to .655-inch (7.6mm to 16.6mm) wire sizes. Prices for straight blade plugs and connectors start at $6.25.

Available high-visibility lockouts provide additional protection. The OSHA lockout/tagout regulation compliant devices protect against unexpected start-up of equipment during maintenance and repair work. To accommodate a full range of plug designs and ratings, the lockouts are available in three sizes. Lockout prices start at $12.25.

A variety of accessories includes stainless steel receptacle plates, starting at $1.50, angle adapters for 20 and 30 amp plugs and connectors for $14.25, and weather boots starting at $9.25.

Learn more about the UL approved and CSA certified Bryant wiring devices at www.automationdirect.com/wiring-devices.

AutomationDirect sells over 8,500 feature-packed products through its Online Automation Superstore and 2,200-page catalog. The company offers its customers high-quality automation products, which are often priced below the industry average, 24-hour order entry and same-day shipping on in-stock items, outstanding sales and technical support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee on almost every product. For a free catalog, access their Web site at www.automationdirect.com or call 800-633-0405.

Bimba Introduces its First Rod-Type Electric Actuator

Monee, IL April 15, 2010 After more than 50 years of pneumatic leadership, Bimba announced today the introduction of its first ever, rod-type electric actuator, the Original Line Electric (OLE).

OLE actuators are designed, built, and tested to provide the longest life, greatest durability, highest speed, and most thrust per dollar. With speeds up to 22 inches per second, strokes to 18 inches standard, and thrusts up to 350 pounds, these new actuators can address a wide range of applications. The unique modular design can be ordered with or without motors and driverss from Bimba, enabling engineers to use their preferred stepper or servo brand.

This is our most exciting new product launch in more than 10 years,, said Scott Meldeau, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Bimba. Now we can meet our customers' electric actuation needs with the same value for which they've come to rely on our pneumatic solutions, including easy configuration and ordering, on-time delivery, competitive price and superior quality..

The OLE product line is available in 1.5, 2, and 3 inch diameters with standard options including trunnion, block front, clevis, pivot, and foot mounts, reverse parallel motor mounts with rear pivot or clevis, step motors, drivers, encoders, brakes, washdown ratings, female rod threads, and switches.

All OLE models are available four working days from receipt of order on orders of 5 units or fewer, and are covered by a 1-year warranty. For detailed performance, selection, and ordering information visit: www.bimba.com/ole

About Bimba
Bimba Manufacturing is a forward-thinking innovator of actuation technology, specializing in providing cutting-edge solutions to engineering challenges. Its capabilities include an extensive line of industry-leading air cylinders, rotary actuators, linear thrusters, rodless cylinders, flow controls and position-sensing cylinders. In addition to its broad line of standard catalog products, nearly half of the companyys business consists of custom and semi-custom products designed for specific customers and applications. These products, used in machinery and automation, are sold to original equipment manufacturers and end-users throughout the world in an expanding variety of industries.


These new manually-operated 3- or 4- way spool valves have 1/44 NPT ports for easy access. The operation is either detented or momentary. Offering pressure ranges from
0 to 150 psig, plus an operating temperature of 32 to 1400F, these new Lever Valves can be used in unlimited applications.

The Lever Valves are available with either a base or panel mount providing for ease of installation.

For complete details or to request a catalog, go to www.clippard.com/levervalves-pol or call 1-877-245-6247.

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.
7390 Colerain Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45239


A new fail-safe, dual circuit vacuum lifter that incorporates two vacuum systems in one for handling high-value loads that absolutely cannot be dropped is being introduced by Anver Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

Anverrs Dual Circuit Vacuum Lifter features all-welded steel construction and is powered by two independent vacuum system circuits, including check valves for each, two separate reservoirs, and filters. Designed for high-value loads where a redundant system is desired, various sized beams, cross arms, and vacuum pads are offered and hooks are included for safety straps.

Custom built in capacities up to 60,000 lbs., Anverrs Dual Circuit Vacuum Lifter features hand-replaceable quick-change ring vacuum sealing cups.
It can be powered by either compressed-air or electric vacuum pumps and options include electric or hydraulic actuated powered tilting systems. Suction cup materials can be selected to match specific load requirements.

Anverrs Dual Circuit Vacuum Lifter is priced from $14,950.00 up, depending upon configuration and capacity. Pricing is available upon request.

For more information contact:

Anver Corporation
Scott Dillon, Group Manager
36 Parmenter Rd.
Hudson, MA 01749
(800) 654-3500 FAX (978) 568-1570
e-mail: sdillon@anver.com

Quincy Compressor Helps Industry Tackle the High Cost of Producing Compressed Air

BAY MINETTE, AL, Quincy Compressor announced today the release of its new QGV family of Variable Speed Drive air compressors which operates efficiently to reduce energy costs.

The QGV line is a complete family of variable speed compressors, with models from 20 to 200 horsepower. These innovative products allow customers to lower the energy consumption associated with producing compressed air, thereby lowering operating overhead and carbon footprint. The new QGV line is versatile as well, capable of operating continuously at full speed, if required. The Quincy QGV, available from 20-200 horsepower, can function as a base-load machine, providing fully rated capacity, or as a trim machine. In the trim position, the QGV only supplies the air required by the system while maintaining the target pressure within +/- 2 psi. The QGV can supply as little as 15% of full-load capacity, providing substantial energy savings over start/stop or modulating compressors. Other features include:
- Sound levels as low as 68 dB(A)
- Full-color touch screen control
- Real-time monitoring with performance trending
- Efficient operation to lower a customerrs carbon footprint
- Typically saves 35% energy versus traditional air compressors
- 75 to 150 PSIG operation
- Integrated Networking feature allows for automatic sequencing with applicable models
- Royal Blue Warranty- 10 year airend, 5 years on major components

About Quincy Compressor:
Since 1920, Quincy Compressor has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of air compressors, vacuum pumps and air treatment components. Quincy is headquartered in Bay Minette, AL, with manufacturing operations in Quincy, IL, and Kunshan, China. For more information about Quincy Compressor, please visit www.quincycompressor.com, or view the Meet Quincy Compressor video for a historical look at the people and products of Quincy Compressor.

With Price Reductions of Up to 70 Percent, Enfield Technologies Makes Proportional Pneumatic Control More Affordable

Thanks to some innovative engineering, Enfield Technologies has reached an important goal - making a complete proportional pneumatic control system much more affordable.

"We wanted to bring proportional pneumatics to new audiences," said Ed Howe, Enfield Technologies' President. "In motion control, that means a pneumatic actuator with intermediate positioning needs to break the $1,000 price barrier. We beat that target by a wide margin, with the total price of a basic system coming down from $1,841 to $884 - a reduction of 52 percent."

A basic positioning system includes a proportional valve and control electronics manufactured by Enfield Technologies paired with a pneumatic actuator and a position sensor provided by a variety of highly regarded partner companies. The same valves and control electronics used in motion control are also used for proportional pressure, flow, and force regulation applications.

During the last 18 months, Enfield Technologies has revised its sourcing and manufacturing processes. They have also reengineered several key products, adding new features, improving performance and reducing costs. This has allowed the company to offer price reductions averaging 42 percent on its primary components. For example, the LS-C10 controller dropped 70 percent, from $564 to $169.20, and the LS-V25s proportional valve dropped 45 percent, from $721 to $396.60. Enfield Technologies has also implemented volume discounts and an additional 5 percent bundle discount (bundle kits include a controller, valve and cable).

Enfield Technologies has added more than 35 technical resellers and integration partners over the last year. The company has also launched several new products, including the Enfinity System (C2 controller and M2 valves). "Expanded distribution and new products have led to growth and increased volumes," Howe said, "which has led to further cost reductions that we are passing along to our customers."


Ed Howe
Enfield Technologies
35 Nutmeg Drive
Trumbull, CT 06611
P) 800-504-3334
E) info@enfieldtech.com
W) enfieldtech.com