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Bimba - MFD Adds Coalescing Filters to its Line of High-Value Air Preparation Products

University Park, IL MFD Pneumatics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bimba, today announced the addition of coalescing filters to its line of high-value air preparation equipment.

Coalescing filters protect sensitive pneumatic equipment from the harmful effects of air line contamination. MFDs coalescing filters remove fine oil mist and contamination down to 0.01 micron. Fine borosilicate microfibers in the filter media collect microscopic particles while the outer filter drainage layer allows coalesced liquid to fall into the filter bowl.

Available in a variety of sizes, MFD coalescing filters can be mounted individually or connected to other MFD Filter-Regulator- Lubricator (FRL) components via modular connector kits. Multiple drain styles (including manual, automatic, and semi-automatic) are also available.

The introduction of coalescing filters backed by Bimbas quality and service is the latest development in our effort to add MFD products and accessories to our line of high-value air preparation products, valves, and actuators, says Tom Kane, General Manager, MFD.

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