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Teaching Grippers to See

SCHUNK has enlarged its number of available sensors for the modular system of grippers with the new OAS sensor. When grippers such as the PGN-plus and the MPG-plus are equipped with an integrated distance and presence sensor, both modules quickly transform into seeing grippers without needing an expensive vision system. The optical system can be directly integrated into the gripping center and continuously supplies the control unit with information, such as measuring the distance of the gripper to the component. This is done during the process without any loss of time. With the OAS, PGN-plus and MPG-plus grippers can differentiate components, recognize position, pick parts from a running belt, detect wrongly gripped components, and increase the reliability of the gripping operation.

The optical sensor works with infrared light at a wavelength of 850 nm. It functions at environmental temperatures between 144 and 1311 F, and fulfills the standards for protection class IP65. The sensor module is multi-functional, and can also be combined with other grippers and automated modules. For example, it can be used for analog position monitoring of long-stroke grippers, by integrating it in one of the two base jaws. Combined with grippers and rotary modules, the sensor can be aligned inwards instead of outwards, which assures piston monitoring.

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